what is adverb ?


 what is an adverb?




 शब्द जो क्रिया की विशेषता बताता है वो शब्द  क्रिया     विशेषण   कहलाता है 

The word which shows the quality of verbs are called an adverb.


Ex. राधा  गाती (verb) है

 Radha sings.

राधा अच्छा(adverb)  गाती(verb) है

 Radha sings well

Function of adverb     किर्या विशेषण के कार्य

The first function of adverb – adverb shows the quality of a verb.

वह दौड़ता (verb)  है

He runs.
वह तेज (adverb)  दौड़ता (verb) है

He runs fast.

The second function of adverb ---      adverb shows the quality of adverb

वह   बहुत (adverb)  तेज (adverb)   दौड़ता (verb) 
The third function of adverb ---      adverb sow quality of the adjective

ये एक(adverb) सुन्दर (adjective) फूल (noun) है

This is a very beautiful flower.

How to learn Tense in the simplest way?

 Note. If ly is added to an adjective, the adjectives become an adverb.ध्यान दें। यदि किसी विशेषण में ( ly ) जोड़ा जाता है, तो क्रिया विशेषण  बन जाता है।

       Adjective  विशेषण              adverb क्रिया विशेषण

    Beautiful +ly                          Beautifully
    Careful + ly                          carefully
    Hones + ly                            Honestly
    Claver + ly                             cleverly 

NOTE- if there are noun after the word which ends with LY word will be called an adjective.

अगर LY शब्द के   बाद कोई संज्ञा आती है, तो ly शब्द  विशेषण कहा जाएगा।Types of adverb

1 adverb of manner  -- carefully, beautifully, fastly, slowly, honestly, cleverly, etc.

2 adverb of times – tomorrow, yesterday, today, sometime, never, etc.

3 adverb of place --- there, here, somewhere, everywhere, etc.

4 interrogative adverbs 0—why, what, how, where, when, etc.


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