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Example of Active and Passive voice Sentences - IN HINDI

 Example of Active and Passive voice Sentences - IN HINDI how-to-use-want-to-in-english-grammar. (1) ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE OF PRESENT INDEFINITE TENSE - 1 तुम इस बच्चे को पीटते हो। You beat this child. (Active) This child is beaten by you. (Passive) 2 हम पांच आम बेचते है। We sale five mangoes. (Active) Five mangoes are sold by us. (Passive) 3 मैं एक कलम खरीदता हो। I buy a pen. (Active) A pen is bought by me. (Passive)  4  मैं पढ़ाई  नहीं करता हूँ। I do not study. (Active) The study is not done by me. (Passive) 5 क्या तुम स्कूल जाते हो। Do you go to school? (Active) Are you brought to school? (Passive) In this post, we have written Hindi of the active sentence this HINDI has written active Sentence Active or Passive both English will be written mean you will be taught how active sentence is changed in its passive voice.   इस पोस्ट में, हमने सक्रिय वाक्य की हिंदी लिखी है इस HINDI में लिखे सक्रिय वाक्य की Active or Passive  

Best Examples of Past Tenses to learn Past sentences.

 Best Examples of Past Tenses to learn Past sentences. Examples of Past Tenses -  (1) Past Indefinite Tense -  (1) तुम कहा गए । / Where did you go? (2) तुमने  बिस्कुट खाया। / You ate biscuit.    (3) तुम ने पाप का चस्मा तोडा। / You broke the father's optical. (4) तुम ने मुझे मारा। / You hit me. (5) तुम ने पढ़ाई नहीं की। / You did not study. (6) तुम ने  खाना जूठा किया। /You lipped food. (8) तुम भाग गए थे। / You ran aways . (9) तुम स्कूल नहीं गए। / You did not go school. (10) क्या तुम ने पैसे चुराए। / Did you steal money. (11) तुम्हारे दोस्त ने तुम्हे क्यो  मारा। / why did your friend beat you. (12) तुमने उस लड़की को क्यों डाटा। / why did you scold that girl. (13) क्या तुमने खाना चुराया था। /Did you steal food. (14) तुम मंदिर कहाँ से गए। / From where did you go to the temple. (15) तुम्हे शहर कैसा लगा। / How did you feel in the city. (16) क्या तुमने नए कपडे ख़रीदे। / Did you buy new clothes. Best Examples to learn Future Tense in Hindi - (2) Pas

simple way to learn modal verbs with examples.

the simple way to learn modal verbs with examples.                                                                  Modal verbs -  CAN, COULD, MAY,MIGHT,WOULD,SHOULD,OUGHT TO,NEED....etc.                 Auxiliary Verb are two types - Auxiliary Verb के दो प्रकार है. - (1) Primary Auxiliary Verb - (2) Modal Auxiliary Verb - (1 ) What is Primary Auxiliary Verb - Primary Auxiliary क्या है? If I tell you in simple language what is Primary Auxiliary Verb so Primary Auxiliary Verbs are those verb which is used while making the Tenses. We use at that time as helping verb these verbs are also called Primary Auxiliary Verb.Ex- is,am,are,have,has....etc. अगर आपको में एक साधारण भाषा में बताऊ की यह क्या होता है।  इंग्लिश में जिन का प्रयोग या सहायता से हम ये  पहचान लेते है।  की यह  कौन  सा काल है और उसका कौन सा प्रकार है।   इन की जानकारी हमे जिन  शब्दो की पहचान से हो जाती है।  उन्ही  शब्दो को सहायक क्रिया(Helping verb)  या  Primary Auxiliary Verb कहते है। जैसे is,